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Adam Harrison

Position: Designer

Age: 30 

Hobbies: Anything outdoors!

Growing up, Adam was incessantly at the side of his father, an immaculate master craftsman to whom he extends credit for his ever-growing creativity and love for the aesthetic.   His childhood embellished with straight lines, perfect angles and engineering tact, drew Adam into the study and art of graphic design.

Upon graduating from Pueblo West High, Adam attended Colorado State University-Pueblo where his aspirations took flight, and he crafted the desire to produce cross-media graphic design -maximizing on its connectedness to current pop culture. Adam’s appetite for creating a sense of thought into the fashion industry extends well into his passion at Empty, and his grit firmly adheres to procuring originality and thought into every piece. 

From handcrafted sketches inked into scraps of paper to the precise engineering of compatible designs ready to be recreated at the pressing table, pure skill is molded and mastered within his art of screen-printing. Adam is endlessly driven by the challenge generated in tactfully discovering the next level of spawning appeal, curiosity, and open-mindedness.  He incessantly strives to communicate knowledge, inspiring others to learn and share as well.

Within Empty, Adam is given the artistic orifice to share and create an exchange for his passion in studying authentic worldly philosophies and introducing them into the contemporary realm of media and pop culture.

Nate miller

Position: Production

Age: 36

Hobbies: Anything food!

Sparked by his very own curiosity and compelled by Empty’s extension of expansive ideology, Nate began to cultivate his own understanding of the world around him. His desire to learn and grow consciously reverberated through his friendship and mentorship with both Adam and Jacob. Fascinated by his studies, his passion for helping and serving others intensified.  This expansion of self and mind ultimately stimulated his desire to extend his knowledge and conscious understanding to others through a more stimulating and socially compelling method - art.

At first-sight, Nate entered Empty as an avid supporter -pre-purchasing all eight of the original Empty designs. Later he found himself within its intricate mold, driven by his delicacy in sales and promotional vigor.

As a culinary artist, Nate enjoys the zeal of creating desire or allurement in appealing to one's appetite.  Within his craft, he takes pride in providing nourishment to others, and does so for it to be relished. From the imaging of screens, to the pressing table, to the sales rack, and further through the transaction of ownership, his passion has found opportunity to become immortal through Empty -where the salivation for knowledge and design lasts longer than one’s taste buds and the opportunity to nourish both mind and soul are forever present.

Unceasingly driven by his passion to connect and inspire others, Nate’s determination to pique one’s curiosity stimulates his genuine craving to “plant seeds and meet people halfway in their own knowledge”. With every transaction, he ensures that every design’s story is shared and breathed into life. Most prominently, Nate strives to procure and transcend the originality found in his mission through Empty towards, not just the buyers, but also onto his three children -to promote "open-mindedness, resonate kindness", and like Empty, "be sensible to the connectedness we all share".